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The Personality of Color

Get To Know Your Colors

The Personality of Color

Posted September 09, 2013

Every color has a personality. So before you start just picking whatever color you please, take the time to get to know all the colors and learn how they feel (and will make your audience feel too).

Let me introduce you:

Red - The Extremist

Red is a daredevil. He likes to take a ride on the wild side, whether it's sky diving, bull riding, or eating deep fried twinkies. He's full of energy and always on the move. Be warned - most people can only handle him in small doses.

Yellow - The Optimist

Yellow is a little ball of sunshine. Always optimistic and joyful, she lifts the mood of those around her. She loves to sing, dance, and frolic in the flowers. Most people get annoyed if they're around her too much.

Green - The Bohemian

Green is just the person to hang out with whenever you've had a stressful day. He tends to have a calming effect on people. He generally spends his time encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles, saving the earth, and painting.

Blue - The Role Model

Blue is someone everyone should look up to. He's very calm, confident, and responsible. He has great credit, is never late, and is always clean-shaven. When you have a problem, he always knows just what to say to make you feel at ease.

Purple - The Enigma

Purple is very mysterious. Some say that she comes from royalty. She's very wise, artistic, dramatic, and spiritual. She's known for making a dramatic entrance, like appearing in a puff of smoke and arriving by a silk parachute.

Orange - The Socialite

Orange is very like-able. He's nice, balanced, fun-loving, and energetic. He spends a lot of his time going to parties and events, playing sports, and volunteering. He's the perfect workout buddy because he makes everyone around him full of energy.

Gray - The Modernist

Gray is very chic. She always wears the latest trends, has the latest technology, and knows the latest gossip. She's known for being neat, orderly, and sophesticated. Her favorite past times are shopping, doing yoga, and reading.

Brown - The Naturalist

Brown is a nature lover. He's a little old fashioned – not a big fan of technology and lives in a log cabin out in the country. He's down-to-earth and relaxed for the most part, and generally likes to keep to himself.

White - The Purist

White is clean, versatile, and modern. He gets along harmoniously with everyone. He's always there when you need him. He's also very agreeable and seems to like just about everything.

Black - The Emperor

Black is very bold, serious, sophisticated, and powerful. He never enters a room unnoticed. He's very imtimidating to most people. He's famous for his ability to get things done quickly and effectively.

Written By:

Charlotte Katelyn

Charlotte Katelyn
Web Designer
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